Today wraps up the end of 2017’s National Child Protection Week. NAPCAN (National Association for Prevention of Child Abuse and Neglect)

facilitates this important week to provide an opportunity for individuals and communities to think and be proactive about how we can keep children safe.

Building a stronger communities has been a running theme throughout the week, reminding individuals that we all have a part to play within our own networks. Every small action can contribute to a child’s future.

Do you every look through your feed and think how many initiatives and awareness weeks come up all over our media and wonder how can I help? How can I contribute to issues that mean something to me without hosting an event, fundraising at the local Bunnings BBQ, or handing out flyers at the local shopping centre.

We have your answer! The easiest thing you can do is start a conversation. The dinner table, lunch room or school pick up can be a full of superficial banter but why not bring up a subject that is a bit uncomfortable or taboo. To play your part on the smallest level you can help make people aware that child abuse and neglect happens in every community and it is important to keep your eye out for red flags and signs.

See here for your role and how you can help,

Not enough? Here are some more ideas!

• Display some beautiful National Child Protection Week posters.
• Plan or attend an event for National Child Protection Week. An event can be anything from a display, morning tea, forum, fundraiser, children’s activity or family day.
• Download National Child Protection Week logos, images and social media resources.
• Or simply like NAPCAN – Play Your Part on Facebook and follow us on other medias

If you want more information around National Child Proetction Week please go to NAPCAN’s website as it is full of resources and tips to educate our communities and yourself

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