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So we are all coming off the back of a long weekend, and because it isn't Monday we feel like this week is a right off... right?

No, you can still be organised, continue be healthy and happy even though it feels like you are a day behind. You can always make a decision, this is always in your control. But we are here to help you! At CareSouth we have great wellness initiatives each month to raise awareness and encourage people to participate in activities to better your all around wellness. Focus months range from healthy movement, mental health, balanced and healthy eating. We have decided to expand these focus months to our community to give people tips and inspiration to better their health and wellness.

This week we have a great recipe from one of our very own staff, Kate!

Here’s what Kate had to say about her dish:
The first time I made these salmon cakes it was on a whim, using up the little leftovers we had in the fridge at the end of the week. They’re super versatile and you can add just about whatever you want to them (try them with pesto and salad, or with aioli and roast veg…or both!)

Not a fan of salmon? Use tuna instead!

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