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CareSouth’s Shoalhaven Youth Support Service (SYSS) has received a $1000 grant from StreetSmart – an organisation committed to tackling homelessness through local, grassroots fundraising.

The grant will be used to facilitate a Youth Cooking, Nutrition and Wellbeing program run by SYSS caseworkers and external providers for young people who are homeless or at risk of homelessness. The Youth Cooking, Nutrition and Wellbeing program includes yoga, personal training, nutrition workshops and general life skill development.

The program gives at-risk young people in SYSS Outreach and residential services the skills, confidence and awareness to live healthy and happy lives, said SYSS caseworker Ashleigh McHugh.

“The program is an essential pathway to learning and growing that we provide for young people,” said Ashleigh. “There is also an element of fun to it at the same time, which is really important.”

The Youth Cooking, Nutrition and Wellbeing program is one component of the holistic support SYSS offers to young people who are either struggling to stay at home, or who currently don’t have a home to stay in.

“Our priority is to work with young people to facilitate the restoration of family relationship breakdown when possible and identify the needs of the young person to enable stability in their housing situations,” said Ashleigh.

“SYSS strives to empower young people with the skills and knowledge to be resilient and learn how to reach out for support when needed.”

SYSS provides both early intervention (Outreach) and accommodation for young people aged 16 to 24. Those in the program can get help with advocacy, basic budgeting, cooking and cleaning, self-care, access to professional advice and referrals to other services.

“In recent times, our program has made a significant shift to Outreach support to help prevent homelessness and work towards stabilising young people in their accommodation options, to help them begin their journey to independence,” said Ashleigh.
“The SYSS Outreach program supported 70 young people in the past financial year and continues to build awareness, resources and referral networks for young people.”

CareSouth staff develop initiatives such as the Youth Cooking, Nutrition and Wellbeing program to create positive futures for the young people we support. Maintaining these activities is made possible with funding from organisations like StreetSmart.

CareSouth would like to thank Street Smart for their big-hearted support.

For more information about SYSS contact (02) 4422 7625.

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