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CareSouth Connect, the organisation’s centralised call centre and customer service model, has been fully operational since October last year and operates 24/7 from 8.30am-5pm weekdays before the After Hours service takes over.

CareSouth Connect streamlines all calls to a central service so the team is able to best answer enquiries and link people to the required service. Since going live the Call Centre has averaged 83 calls per day with 95% of calls answered within 15 seconds.

“Previously all calls were defined by what region they came from,” said Call Centre manager Jane Ford. “Now with the CareSouth Connect all calls are centralised to our head office in Nowra.
“This means that someone is immediately accessible to answer potential enquiries. That centralised service means that calls don’t get missed because someone’s not at their desk, we provide that first point of contact and consistent customer service, whether by email, phone or face-to-face.”

CareSouth Connect staff include Jane Ford, Amanda James, Lorraine Young, Josie Davies and Michele Green. Our friendly After Hours team situated in Nowra includes Debra Grenet, Philippa Mierendorff, Deborah McKill, Melissa Bell and Daniel Gannon.

CareSouth Connect staff follow up initial carer enquiries and send out information packs to those interested in becoming carers with a range of our programs and are also the first point of contact for NDIS enquiries.

For information about any of our programs or to enquire about the NDIS or becoming a carer please contact CareSouth Connect on 1300 554 260. After 5pm CareSouth’s After Hours service continues to be on call to support staff, carers and birth families. For enquiries or support outside of business hours please call After Hours on 1300 554 260.

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