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Are you interested in joining the CareSouth board?

If you think you may be able to contribute to our board, bringing your own set of unique skills to the position, please contact our Chairman to discuss. Vacancies do occur from time to time, when this happens we review suitable applications on file and invite those we feel are a good fit to discuss the appointment.

We look for:

  • a practical understanding of the line between governance and management
  • likeable and approachable
  • comfortable and coherent in a meeting environment
  • enough time available to be seen and known by all stakeholders
  • a team player
  • motivated by a desire to ‘give something back’ not seeking prestige or power
  • good self belief but not self importance
  • and most importantly the ability to fill a gap in the Board’s expertise.

If you are interested please send in your CV with a covering letter explaining your reasons for applying and what unique skills you would bring to the board.

Applications to be emailed;

Get in Touch to find out more

Give us a call today on 1300 554 260 or send an enquiry below