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CareSouth is an organisation that promotes its values – respect, accountability, compassion, integrity and inclusion - through everyday actions.

Staff at CareSouth believe that violence against women is serious, prevalent and most importantly preventable if each and every one of us takes a stand against it.

We are currently working towards gaining White Ribbon accreditation, which involves all 300 of our staff members making a commitment to stop violence against women.

Violence against women affects us all. Our families, our community and our nation. It prevents those exposed to it, both directly and indirectly, from fully participating in society. At CareSouth our vision is to create a positive future for children, young people, individuals, families and communities.

CareSouth’s workplace prevention program is an opportunity to address the root causes of violence and ensure that those we work with can achieve a positive future.

Although White Ribbon Day is several months away, we want to start the conversation now and every day so we are all accountable for preventing violence against women.

CareSouth is encouraging all staff to make the commitment to stand up, speak out and act to prevent violence against women as part of a primary prevention strategy to stop violence before it occurs.

Visit White Ribbon’s website to access free resources and sign up to become an advocate for CareSouth and the wider community-

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