CareSouth Mentors Program

We love to see young people develop new skills, build on their strengths and live up to their potential. That’s what our Mentors Program is all about. We bring together young people and caring individuals.

We discuss what’s working and what’s not. Set goals. Make a plan. Our mentors offer guidance, support and encouragement.

Young people and mentors are assessed and ‘matched’ according to criteria and individual profiles. Both parties agree to meet at a regular time and are encouraged to commit for at least one year.

Our mentor program is for children and young people from 10 to 18 years old and who are:

  • in foster care;
  • living in supported independent living;
  • still at home who require support within the family.

Become a CareSouth Mentor

Our team of professional Mentors are given formal training with ongoing professional development and supervision.

CareSouth Homework Hub

The Homework Hub aims to help students reach their full learning potential by providing a safe, calm learning environment for students.

It runs each Tuesday at CareSouth’s Berkeley office from 3.30pm-5.30pm.

The program supports students’ learning through praise and encouragement and celebrates achievements and milestones.

The Homework Hub promotes healthy eating by providing students with a snack of fruit, vegetables, crackers and water before they begin their study.

Homework Hub volunteers come from a range of backgrounds including teaching, psychology and social work. Volunteers model positive behaviours, improve social interactions and become mentors for the students they work with. The positive relationships which develop between volunteers and students help to improve the student’s sense of belonging and self-belief.

Students complete homework sheets or assignments, work on literacy and numeracy use computer-assisted learning programs such as Mathletics, Skoolbo and Study Ladder.

The Homework Hub builds positive social interactions with other students, boosts students’ self-belief and confidence, improves concentration and promotes organisation and responsibility.

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