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CareSouth staff are special. They are passionate kind, enthusiastic and approachable... We are BOLD, BIG HEARTED AND DETERMINED....

We are always on the lookout for candidates who will uphold the values and vision of CareSouth. You need to be resilient, empathetic and a team player. As well as being prepared to work in partnership with our children, young people, vulnerable clients and carers and volunteers. Our recruitment and selection process is rigorous, as CareSouth's vision is to create a positive future for children, young people, individuals, families and communities, providing opportunities in which people can enhance their quality of life. We are there EVERYDAY.

What makes CareSouth unique is our unwavering commitment to excellence. We are passionate about what we do to enhance the lives of those we work with. We seek to inspire each other and the communities in which we operate – through excellence in service delivery and always doing what we say we will in a professional and compassionate way. We aim to be the agency of choice for families and volunteers.

Commitment to Safeguarding Children, Young People, and People with a Disability

CareSouth is committed to safeguarding the children, young people and people with disability that we work with from abuse and neglect (if you would like to know more information about our commitment please click here). This starts at our recruitment process through to our policies and procedures, and how we conduct our work. All positions are subject to a Working with Children/Vulnerable Peoples Clearance and Satisfactory National Police History check. In order to ensure your recruitment process is efficient, CareSouth accepts Fit2work badges.

Work Life Balance is Important

Family and life outside work is as important to us as it is to you and that's why we're committed to supporting CareSouth Employees acknowledging family and social responsibilities as a part of Everyday life.

As part of our team, you get to work with an inspired group of people, passionate about improving the lives of others and always striving to do and achieve more.

Equal Employment Opportunity

CareSouth is an Equal Employment Opportunity (EEO) employer. We provide a workplace where decisions, processes and practices are fair, clearly defined and based on merit. EEO principles apply to all aspects of the employment relationship, including recruitment and selection.

CareSouth is a culturally diverse work environment, continuously aiming to grow our workforce through attracting, retaining and engaging diversity throughout all of our programs and services. Our aim is to hire employees from a range of cultural backgrounds to achieve this.

Generous Salary Packaging and Leave Entitlements

CareSouth offers above award wages and generous Salary Packaging options. Being registered as a public benevolent institution with the Australian Taxation Office means that CareSouth are able to pass on tax concessions to our staff. Salary packaging can apply to vehicles, personal and home loans and dining and entertainment.

CareSouth staff enjoy additional paid leave days between Christmas and New Year’s Day or for our permanent staff working a 24/7 roster, 5 weeks annual leave per year. Annual leave is paid with 17.5% leave loading.

Investing in Learning and Development

At CareSouth learning and development is important as we strive to continue to grow. All CareSouth staff have their own personalised professional development plan supported by our Everyday Learning system available for staff to grow their knowledge across the organisation and in areas of interest.

CareSouth’s annual two day conference is an opportunity for the organisation to get together, share ideas and participate in growing our knowledge in a collaborative environment.

Staff Health and Wellbeing

A key focus at CareSouth is our own health and wellbeing. We have monthly wellness initiatives across all CareSouth locations, annual health checks and flu vaccinations available to all staff. CareSouth encourage our staff to participate in employee surveys aimed at identifying opportunities to improve our health and wellbeing at work.

White Ribbon Accreditation

CareSouth is an organisation that promotes its values – respect, accountability, compassion, integrity and inclusion - through our everyday actions. We believe that violence against women is serious, prevalent and most importantly preventable if each and every one of us takes a stand against it. CareSouth is currently working towards gaining White Ribbon accreditation, which involves all 300 of our staff members making a commitment to stop violence against women

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