To CareSouth’s disability clients: In line with less fuss and a greener planet, CareSouth has made all NDIS service agreements electronic. 

You’ll be asked for an active email address so we can send you your agreement. Once you receive the email, it will take you through all the places you need to sign. You can sign it with a signature, your mouse or even your finger. If you don’t have an active email address or feel overwhelmed with technology, let us know, and we will work with you to complete this.

CareSouth Disability Clients

Electronic Service Agreements

After an 18-month project that has involved the Disability team, CareSouth Connect, Community Engagement and the Accounts team, CareSouth has officially launched electronic NDIS service agreements. It will remove a lot of double handling for our staff and mean the process is more streamlined, and environmentally friendly for our clients and participants.

Clients will be asked for an active email address and sent their agreement to sign via signature, mouse or finger. If clients feel overwhelmed with this change, the Disability and Call Centre staff can assist them.

The process to transfer these over and train staff has been quite involved so it’s a huge win for our clients and it’s hoped it will speed up the process for them. CareSouth Disability and Inclusion Manager Haylee Sarris says, “It’s so much easier for the person we are assisting, they don’t have to come into the office to sign their agreement, which, depending on the services we were offering them was sometimes multiple agreements. There is ease in transaction, a quicker turnaround time and we are meeting our obligations to the NDIA.”