Based in Southern NSW and completely not-for-profit, CareSouth offers help in a number of ways - through Aunties & Uncles, Brighter Futures, Foster Care, Specialist Youth Support Services, Residential Care, Disability Services and Family Connections. CareSouth's vision is to create a positive future for children, young people, individuals, families and communities, providing opportunities in which people can enhance their quality of life. We're there EVERYDAY.

As a local community based organisation with a big heart, we are bold, determined and innovative. We started in 1992 having seen a great need in the Shoalhaven for a dedicated care organisation. We've grown a lot since then and have offices across the Illawarra, South Coast, Southern Tablelands and Western NSW.

We encourage you to open your mind to the possibilities and hope you find our website useful.

Deb Tozer

Deb Tozer


Steven's Story as our Everyday Maintenance man

CareSouth Disability Support Worker Ofer Engel loves his job. Each day he makes a difference in the lives of the clients he supports, particularly 46 year-old Steven, a Nan Bishop House resident and CareSouth Disabilities client whose passion is mowing lawns.

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Disability Awareness Week 2016

Will* is a typical 18 year old. When he finishes school next month he is looking forward to “sleeping in and staying-up late”. And, like his teen counterparts, he rarely goes anywhere without his phone. But unlike many of his peers it has taken six months of hard work and consistent practice for Will to feel somewhat comfortable talking to strangers on the phone.

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Homework Hub - Mixing Study with Play

CareSouth’s vision to create a positive future for the children and young people we work with every day was a key factor in the development and launch of “The Homework Hub”, a weekly program designed to help students with their homework.

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