For the past twenty years, CareSouth’s Aunties and Uncles program has been supporting children in the Illawarra and Shoalhaven. Singles, couples, Uni students, older people and families – what matters most to a child is a warm and understanding nature and a desire to spend time with them.

Childhood can be stressful

Families face all sorts of pressure which can impact on a child’s happiness, self-esteem, and well-being. Through Aunties and Uncles we support disadvantaged children by carefully matching them with trained volunteers from all walks of life. By easing the pressures of life, a child is able to meet new people and have new experiences, while families get some respite. As we always say around here, it takes a village to raise a child.

You can help in BIG and little ways

You can be an Aunty or Uncle by cooking a meal, taking the dog for a walk or seeing a movie with the a child is a smaller way you can help. These shared experiences increase a child’s self esteem and trust in others. You may not be the world’s best sportsperson or chef but by spending time with a child and doing what you normally do, you can show them that you believe in them.

We’re not asking for a huge commitment…

Just what you can give. Can’t commit to a full weekend? Think you’re too young? Too old? Arrangements and visits with a child can be flexible and negotiated so that it works best for both of you – whatever stage of life you’re at. What matters most is that you see each other often enough to establish a strong connection and relationship – one that is built to last.

Benefits to children

For almost 20 years, we have seen an increase in children’s self-esteem, improvements in academic performance, and renewed interest in everyday life long skills, and a sense of hope in life. Research has shown that preventative programs like Aunties and Uncles can alleviate stress in families. Connecting children with positive role models increases their chance of growing into well-adjusted adults.
Contact your Aunties and Uncles Regional Coordinator on 1300 554 260.
*Applicants will need to demonstrate previous experience supporting children in either a work or personal capacity.

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