Congratulations to CareSouth’s Brighter Futures caseworker Abigail who won the Illawarra Young Volunteer of the Year award for 2022.

Abigail has completed almost 700 hours of volunteer work with the University of Wollongong over the last four years, while also studying for her Social Work degree and working full-time supporting CareSouth’s Brighter Futures families. As a volunteer for UOW Pulse, she helped create the community garden, hosted trivia weekly and other events including Oktoberfest and Yours and Owls, O-week, Clubs Day, Wellness Wednesdays and campus buddies for international students.

“I really enjoyed the opportunities I got to work on and connecting with people to expand my networks,” said Abigail. “Being able to work with such a diverse range of people is a real highlight for me.

“I did a lot of afternoon, evening, night time, and weekend shifts to juggle working full time, studying full time and volunteering. Doing all this has definitely helped me learn time management!

“I appreciate this recognition and am keen to see what’s next in my volunteering journey.”

As a regional finalist Abigail is now in the running to be named 2022 NSW Volunteer of the Year at the Gala State Ceremony in December.