1. Am I eligible?

To be eligible for the NDIS you must;

  • Live in Australia and have Australian residency
  • Be under 65 years of age
  • Have a permanent and lifelong disability
  • Be a child under 6 with a developmental delay

To check your eligibility online go to www.ndis.gov.au or call our team to check. 

2. Getting to know YOU

We take the time to plan your NDIS package by understanding who you are. Our experienced and diverse team help you get the best when it comes to your support, goals, funding and aspirations. Download our Pre-planning document to get started, it will help you think about the services and supports that are important to you. 

3. Developing your plan

The Local Area Co-ordinator or LAC (in our regions this is Uniting) will help you develop your plan. We offer Support Coordination and Financial Plan management at CareSouth, along with Clinical Services and Community Participation. There are three types of support budgets available to you under your NDIS plan – Core Budget, Capacity Building Budget and Capital Support Budget. Contact us for more information on each of these – 1300 554 260

4. Managing and paying for your supports

There are four options on how to manage your NDIS plan budget;

  • Self-managed – the NDIS pay you directly, more info available on the NDIS website

  • Agency-managed budgets – The NDIS will manage your package and pay providers directly. All providers have to be registered with the NDIA

  • Plan management Provider-managed budgets – CareSouth would act as your plan manager with the NDIS paying us directly. We would then allocate the money to your services and supports. The money allocated for this is separate to your plan so it’s doesn’t affect your budget

  • Automated transport payments – These can be set up through the NDIS so they are paid automatically. Not all plans will have a transport budget so it’s best to check with the NDIA about your own personal plan

5. Your Plan, your choice

The great thing about the NDIS is that it’s flexible and all about you. You don’t have to fit into a box, the supports are tailor-made specifically for you. You can ask for a different support worker if you aren’t happy with your current one. If you don’t like a service that is being provided to you, you can give 4 weeks notice and cease the support. You’re in control.

6. Living a BOLD Life - the best it can be

The NDIS is designed to make your life the best it can be. CareSouth offer a varied and extensive service in the Disability area to helping you get the results you want. Contact us today to get started – 1300 554 260

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