Families going through separation or Family Court proceedings experience a range of challenges that can significantly impact their children.

CareSouth’s Family Connections program provides a safe, secure and neutral environment for visits to occur between children, their parents and other significant people in their lives.

We work together with families to ensure visits are child focussed, positive and rewarding for all parties involved.

A Family Connections worker will be with the family during the whole visit.

Supervised Family visits

We offer modern, onsite contact rooms designed to be family friendly with comfort and safety in mind. Our contact rooms are equipped with a range of toys, games and activities so that families have opportunities to develop relationships through play.


Parents can drop off and collect their children in a safe and relaxed environment. Each parent will have a different arrival and departure time, as well as separate entry points to minimise conflict and stress to enable a smooth, safe handover.

Service Times

Enquiries - Monday to Friday 9am – 5pm

Changeovers – Monday to Friday during business hours

Family Visits – the service will endeavour to meet your requests for dates and times, although we will do our best, it may not always be possible.

Information on fee structure

Please contact our family connections coordinator for a list of fees and charges associated with supervised visits or changeover.

1300 554 260 for more information.