At CareSouth, we believe everyone deserves a terrific life. We support people by providing opportunities and new experiences, no matter their circumstances, to help them build a better future.  

That’s why we’ve launched CareDogs – a program that works with specially trained, nurturing dogs to enrich the lives of those we support.  

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CareDogs provide therapeutic support and companionship to children, young people, families and people with disability. Whether it’s sitting with them during a therapy session or bringing a smile to their face after a tough day, CareDogs are there when needed to induce calmness and safety.

After all, it’s hard not to feel the warm fuzzy feelings of joy when you’re enthusiastically greeted with a wagging tail.

The Therapeutic Benefits

The research speaks for itself. Beyond the sparks of happiness, connecting with dogs brings important emotional and psychosocial benefits.  

Meet our CareDogs

Here they are in all their glory. Click on the videos below to be introduced to our pawsome pups. 



Buddy the Golden Retriever loves running (luckily, his carer does too!) and sleeping in the car, and his happy smile brings joy to everyone around him.



Charlotte the Cobberdog is a social butterfly who loves a snuggly cuddle.



Frankie the Golden Retriever can sniff out a snack from a mile away. His kind, laid-back nature makes him a favourite with children and young people.



Iris is a cute-as-a-button Labrador who loves people, is always keen for a cuddle and likes to help clean the dishes as they’re loaded into the dishwasher.  



Nora is the cheeky Beagle who always follows her nose and likes to share snacks. She’s a hard worker and dedicated to being the best girl to support her human friends.



Woody the Cavoodle has a kind, gentle nature. His soft fur makes his cuddles extra comforting, and he loves reading stories with people.

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CareSouth’s CareDogs are available for bookings across most of our locations. For further information, call 1300 554 260 or email

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