Above all else, we want to be accepted. We want to be recognised for our strengths and supported to achieve our hopes and dreams. Our disability services support children, young people and adults. We focus on the person, not the disability.

Individuals and families living with disability deal with big, everyday challenges. At CareSouth, we work towards supporting people with their challenges, so they can live full and meaningful lives. Every day.

We respect individuals. We promote a culture of empathy and open-mindedness. CareSouth follows person-centred principles which endorse true choice and social inclusion for all.

The National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS)

The National Disability Insurance Scheme completely changes the way that services are delivered to people living with a disability in Australia.  People will have an individual plan that allocates them funding to spend on the services they need with the people they want to receive them from.  This has been piloted over the last 3 years and has now commenced in some areas across NSW.

To find out what the NDIS will mean for you or someone that you care about contact CareSouth today or go to https://www.ndis.gov.au/

Family Choices

We all face challenges. Some families of children with disability face little challenges day-to-day, major challenges once in a while, and periods at breaking point when things become too difficult to cope alone. Family Choices can offer care and support at all level of challenges.

There are many factors that make families eligible for this program. These include children with high medical needs and the requirement of ongoing specialist, respite or support services.  CareSouth assesses each case using a professional panel and creates specific solutions for each family.

Options include in home support, respite care, as well as short and long-term care. It gives families the opportunity to rest and recover. Our workers and carers are well trained and supported by CareSouth to nurture children and young people living with disability. They work in co-operation with families and build rewarding long-term relationships with children. Birth families make all of the normal parental decisions during any process and are involved in the process of choosing options that fits their child’s needs or assisting their children make the best choices.

Supported Accommodation

CareSouth offers supported accommodation for adults and young people living with disability, in a fun and inclusive community setting. Our focus is to provide a genuine home environment and real life experiences.

We work closely with each individual to develop a Life Style Plan covering needs, goals and desires. The support team provides the tools, resources and referrals, which enable the residents to achieve everything possible.

Disabilities Out of Home Care – Residential (up to 18 years)

The young people we support have complex, medium to high support needs and are living with a disability. These young people may not be able to live in their family environment because of issues that require a coordinated, individualised intervention program.

Leaving Care – Alternative Family Placement

This program is for young people living with a disability who are 18 years of age and are transitioning from foster care, or their birth family is no longer an option. This is a voluntary, alternative arrangement (i.e. not a court order). It may include continuing a current living arrangement, or creating a new one.

Life changes and during big changes we all need support. CareSouth helps young people from 18 years of age who are living with a disability, to live with an alternate family. We provide connection to previous carers and ongoing family contact. We work closely with the young person and their family, doing all we can to make big changes easier.

Leaving Care – Drop-in Support

As with Alternate Family Placement, the drop-in support model assists young adults, usually between 18 and 24, develop the skills and capacity they need to live as independently as possible Participation in this model is voluntary.  The individual determines how these hours are spread across their week.

The support teams number one value is acceptance: regardless of age, gender, sexuality, health, culture, ability or needs.

We can offer a range of services to suit each individual and their goals including, but not limited to:

  • Living Skills Development – Covering such things as maintaining good personal hygiene, sleep routines, housekeeping, grocery shopping, and household budgeting.
  • Community Social Support – Assisting people to access and participate in their community through peer groups, clubs, activities, open days and volunteering.
  • Financial Skills Development – Teaching clients to develop and manage a budget, plus learn new ideas to save money shopping, saving and spending safely.
  • Healthy Lifestyle Planning – Working with individuals to reach goals around healthy eating, exercise and cooking skills and strategies.
  • Mental Health Recovery Support – Assistance to engage in with external support agencies and medical care through referrals and case management.
  • Family Support – Assistance to engage in parenting supports, counselling, therapy and healthy relationship guidance.

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